August 30, 2017

11 Fishing Knots You Should Learn [Infographic]

Whether you're a veteran fisherman or just looking to learn how to fish, you should know some useful knots to help you out when setting up your rod and line. These knots are used for everything from tying line to hooks and swivels to tying line back together. It's always useful knowledge to know!...
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June 25, 2017

Building Your Own DIY Rope Climbing Frame

Children’s climbing frames usually always have one thing in common, rope-based games and activities. With technology advancing as it is, children are usually quite reluctant to actually go outside and play, iPhone’s, PlayStation's and other technologies have now become the norm....
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August 01, 2016

How to Travel the World in a Boat: The Definitive Guide

With so many people feeling disenfranchised at work there are more and more stories surfacing of individuals and families alike. All of them sell their worldly goods and quit their jobs in favour of a life at sea. The main attraction of this life is freedom. You can go anywhere at anytime and there'...
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July 01, 2016

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

With the Walking Dead Season 7 due to start in October, we decided to take a look at the possibility of an apocalypse actually happening and put together a guide on how to survive with the right equipment. So let's get into it!Accidents happen all the time and most of the time we're prepared for......
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May 04, 2016

50 Creative Uses for Ropes

This post is going to highlight some of the most important and creative uses of Ropes, it is such a random topic and although not particularly cool it is important nonetheless. Ropes have been an essential component in innovation for thousands of years for a reason. We are going to explore alternati...
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October 15, 2015

Creative Ways to Use VELCRO: The Ultimate Guide

VECLRO is one of the most useful materials in almost every environment. Whether it’s using it around the house or to organise you at work, VELCRO will almost certainly come to the rescue. We decided to spend some time reading and collecting some of the most favoured articles, guides and resources fr...
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