We have a number of hooks suitable for home use, workshop storage as well as more robust, industrial hooks. Whatever the need, you’re sure to find the right kind of hook with us.

We stock standard hooks which can be used for hanging, like J hooks, claw hooks and steel wire hooks. These come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your exact requirements. There are finishes such as steel, brass, zinc, etc, so as well as choosing the perfect strength and size for functionality, you can even find a finish to match your home decor.

We also have hooks used for more specific needs. Our nickel-plated trigger hooks are very easy to use and useful for making dog leads. We also stock Shock Cord Plastic Coated Wire Hooks, which can be attached to shock cord.

Our hooks are very durable, making them very long-lasting and resistant to breaking. They have also been coated in either plastic or a water-resistant metal coating, preventing them from rusting.

Many of our hooks are available to purchase in sets of 100, so if these are purchased to be used commercially, this is a very cost-effective method.

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