Metal Fittings

We have a huge range of metal fittings at our disposal for a variety of needs and functions.

We stock cam buckles suitable for strapping systems. These are very durable as well as being easy to operate making them functional for maximum safety. We also have a number of carabiners which come in a range of sizes, materials and styles. These are also great for climbing and other safety-critical systems.

We also supply more general metal fittings, rings and loops, as well as hooks, dot snap fastener press studs, pull up fasteners, ratchet handles and many more, whether they’re to be used for safety, storage, or support.

We also have a very wide range of fasteners, including Durable Dot Snap Fastener Press Studs, Tenax Pull Up Fasteners and Lift-The-Dot Spot Fasteners. These are strong and subtle and perfect for fastening all sorts of materials.

Take a look at our product range to see if we have what you’re after. If not, feel free to get in touch with us, whether you’re after a different part or even just the material or finish, as we are usually able to source most items.

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