Bonded Polyester Thread

Our bonded polyester threads are made from the highest quality yarn and manufactured from high tenacity continuous filament fibres. They are commonly used in sail making, for boat covers, awnings or tents, and any application that requires no-nonsense thread with a high resistance to abrasion.

Widely regarded for their superior anti-wick and anti-fade properties, we have a variety of polyester bonded thread in varying spool lengths, with plenty of colour options. This superior sewing thread retains its high strength even after stitching, and it won’t fade or rot, regardless of the weather conditions.

Quality service and low cost prices

All of the polyester thread we have for sale has been carefully selected to provide premium performance whilst offering genuine value for money. We base our reputation on the quality of our products and treat client care with the utmost importance, whilst helping you to save money.

Browse and click on the thread options below and should you require help or assistance at any stage, please don’t hesitate to contact us here on 01823 431885 and we’d be happy to answer your query.


Bonded Polyester V333/M9
Bonded Polyester V207/M13
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