Lubricated Polyester Thread

Multi-filament polyester yarns are tough and hard to break thanks to their tensile strength. Not only are they highly resistant to abrasion, they are extremely resilient to degradation and this means they are extremely versatile and highly useful for countless applications.

Popular for the garment making, upholstery, bedding and lift sling industries, lubricated polyester thread is supplied by us here at PT Winchester on a variety of sizes and spool lengths, and we make it as easy as possible for you to order this sewing thread online.

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Each of the products within this category has been carefully selected for its durability, reliability and value for money. We take our position as a textile component supplier seriously and work closely with our customers, to deliver quality products at the best possible prices.

Feel free to browse this page for lubed polyester threads at your leisure, if you want to discuss any of the items in greater detail please call us on 01823 431885 or email us at


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Lubed Polyester M9
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