Polyester Cotton Corespun Glace Thread

Boasting a silky smooth surface with the superior strength of synthetic yarns, polyester cotton corespun thread is lubricated, polished and perfect for numerous sewing applications. Strong and reliable, the outer sheath on these cotton threads offers premier protection for the inner core, this is especially important when placed under the direct heat of a needle.

Free from the degradation caused by UV light and providing excellent resistance to weak alkalis, we have the finest grade polyester cotton corespun threads here at PT Winchester, supplied in a host of spool lengths for your convenience.

Tried and tested thread

All of our threads are available in a choice of colour options, and they have been carefully chosen for their quality and performance under testing conditions. Place orders for this high quality polyester cotton yarn in any quantity you like, we like to keep things simple, and always ensure our prices are competitive.

Simply browse and click for a brilliant deal on glace thread, or to speak to us in person, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01823 431885.


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