Sewing Threads

We offer a full range of thread for industrial use, including Bonded Nylon Thread, Bonded Polyester Thread, Lubricated Polyester Thread, Nomex & Kevlar Thread, Polyester Corespun Soft Thread & Polyester Corespun Glace Thread.

Our Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester Thread are made from the highest quality yarn. They are ideal for industrial use as they’re also manufactured from high tenacity continuous filament fibres. They are perfect for sailing, awnings and even tents, such is their strength and versatility.

Our Lubricated Polyester Thread is also very tough and resistant, making them resilient to degradation. This makes them great for a range of applications including upholstery, garments and bedding.

We even stock Nomex & Kevlar Thread which is often used by the fire and police service, as well as armed service due to its strength and ability to withstand heat.

If you want soft, our Polyester Cotton Corespun Glace Thread is polished and lubricated, perfect for a smooth sew without sacrificing strength and durability.

We have spools of these threads in a range of sizes and colours, take a look to find the one you want.

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