VELCRO® Brand Products

VELCRO® Brand Products

At PT Winchester, we stock a range of Velcro Brand Consumer Packs and Velcro Hook and Loop Products. Velcro is versatile and strong enough to be used for use at home as well as industrial velcro.

Velcro Brand Consumer packs

Our Velcro brand-consumer packs are always handy to have around the house. They’re perfect for DIY, arts and crafts projects or even gardening tasks and textiles. Reliable and durable, we supply a range of shapes, sizes and quantities which are bound to come in handy, so whether you need a few strips or a whole roll of Velcro, we have you covered. We sell:

  • Stick on hook coins

  • Squares

  • Velcro adjustable straps.

Our official Velcro Brand products are made with premium Velcro quality. We also supply coloured velcro and white velcro as well as the standard black.

Velcro Brand Hook and Loop

We also stock a number of Velcro Brand Hook and Loop products here at PT Winchester. These include Velcro hook-and-loop tape, Dots and coins, Flame retardant, Velcro fasteners, Self-adhesive velcro strip, Sew on, Straps, Tack/PVC adhesive, Heat-activated adhesive and Texacro Low cost.

These are the standard Velcro products we offer here on our website, however, if there are any Velcro products you require which aren’t listed here, feel free to let us know. We have access to the entire VELCRO® Brand range of solutions, so should be able to find a solution for you.

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