VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop


Velcro® Brand Tape

Strong and reliable, with unrivalled sticking power, we stock different types of VELCRO® Brand products here at PT Winchester, with countless solutions that are suitable for domestic or commercial use, with various colours and sizes available.

Velcro® Brand products can be used as a quick and easy alternative to screws, nails or glue.

We have a wide selection of Velcro® Brand products to meet any requirement, such as;

  • Velcro® Brand Sew On

  • Velcro® Brand Self Adhesive 

  • Velcro® Brand Dots and Coins

  • Velcro® Brand High Tack

  • Velcro® Brand One Wrap 

  • Velcro® Brand Straps, 

  • Velcro® Brand Fire Retardant Sew on and Self Adhesive 

  • Velcro® Brand Weldable

Like all of the products we sell, VELCRO® Brand is made from premium quality materials and it represents excellent value for money. Order it here online, or speak to a member of our friendly team if you have any queries by calling 01823 431885.

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