Polyester seat belt webbing

Our 11 Panel seat belt webbing is made from polyester, making it very durable as well as giving little stretch and being comfortable for the user, with a tight finish to the weave. The 11 panels also ensure a very high breaking strength.

Polyester is also very easy to clean and look after. Simply wiping it with a cloth will maintain its appearance. Despite being strong, soft, easy to maintain and moisture-proof, polyester is still very affordable.

Its break strength is 26.5kN minimum and it also complies with Automotive Specification FMVS 302 with the max burn rate at 100mm/min.

It comes supplied on 100m rolls so the user can make the most out of one roll, utilising vast amounts.

Strength and durability is the priority when it comes to seat belt webbing, however, we also offer a wide array of colours with our seatbelts, without affecting strength. Our polyester seat belt webbing comes in black, blue, green, grey, orange, red and yellow.

There are other ways polyester seat belt webbing can be utilised, rather than just used for seatbelts. They also make effective chair webbing straps and even canoe seat webbing. It is suitable for these uses as it is durable, comfortable and moisture resistant, meaning it can be used outdoors too.

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