Plastic Moulded Teeth Zips

Plastic Moulded Teeth Zips

Plastic zips have individually moulded teeth which are attached to the fabric of the zipper. The plastic resins used for the moulded plastic teeth are very strong. This makes them ideal for medium and heavyweight garments and for outdoor use, such as tents, marine and automotive markets, as they are heavy-duty, flexible and non-corrosive.

Range of zips and sliders

We supply two different types of moulded teeth zips. These include assembled zips and continuous chain reels. Our plastic moulded teeth assembled zips are available in a number of lengths and colours. Our plastic moulded continuous chain zips can be purchased on 100m reels. We also stock a number of moulded zip sliders which are compatible with the continuous reel.

Order now for next day delivery

Take a look at our range of plastic moulded zips, to see if we can supply the right zips for you. If there is a size or lengths which you cannot see on our website, then feel free to give us a call on 01823 431885. We may be able to order in a bespoke zip.

Order before 3 pm for next day delivery.

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