Use of Keder

Keder is a strong and versatile material which can be utilised in a number of ways. It can be used as a technical reinforcement product for the sides of tents, tarpaulins, lorry curtains, awnings and many other canvas items.

It offers a smooth running connection between fabric and metal/plastic extrusion.

Fabric weight options

Here at PT Winchester, we stock keder in a range of weight’s, sizes and colours, suitable for different uses. We offer the Keder fabric in three options:

  • 7/7 which has a cloth weight of 440g/m2 - No large loads
  • 12/12 which has a cloth weight of 560g/m2 - medium to heavy loads
  • 2200 which has a cloth weight of 730g/m2 - Heavy loads and high wear resistance is required. Due to the finely woven structure the force is distributed over several wires, which reduces the wear per thread. This material is also called "easy glide" because it glides smoothly into any profile.
The keder products are available in three colours too, white, black, and silver.

The most competitive pricing for Keder

PT Winchester has 20 years’ experience working in the heavy textile industry and now supply to a wide variety of clients. We carefully select each and every product you’ll find on our website, ensuring that customers receive the best products for the best prices.

Our team are all experienced in the industry and can offer advice and recommendations based on your requirements and budget.

To find out more you can contact us directly by calling 01823 431885 or emailing us at

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