Sewing Thread

We have a number of sewing threads available, for a number of uses.

We stock a number of high-quality twines and hand sewing braids, in a range of colours, including natural. Some are higher-quality like slipping twine and tufting twine, which is waxed and is great for upholstery, bookbinders and buttoning yarns. These are all sold per kilo or a number of different spool sizes, so you’re sure to find the right thread for you.

Then why not sew these threads with quality sewing palms and needles? We sell an assortment of needle sizes and quantities, as well as left and right-handed sewing palms, which come in one size or adjustable. Everything you need to comfortably sew what you want.

More specifically, our sewing thread range comes in Bonded Nylon Thread, Bonded Polyester Thread, Lubricated Polyester Thread, Nomex & Kevlar Thread, Polyester Corespun Soft Thread & Polyester Corespun Glace Thread. Our bonded Nylon and Polyester thread is resistant to rot, abrasion and extreme weather conditions, making it strong enough for even industrial use, including sailing. Our Polyester Corespun Soft Thread, however, is lubricated, making sewing much smoother.

Take a look at our whole range to find the right strength, colour and quantity for you.

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