Here at PT Winchester, we supply a number of different zips, suitable for a number of functions.

We supply Polyester spiral chain zips and plastic moulded teeth zips.

There are 3 parts of a zip. The Tape, Teeth and the Slider.


The Standard tape is manufactured in polyester, other fibre types are available to special order. The standard width of the tape is approximately 20mm.


We sell 2 types of zippers, moulded teeth and a continuous spiral chain. Metal teeth are available upon request (minimum order quantity may apply). The size of the zip is defined by the measurement across the teeth when closed.


There is a range of sliders available, single or twin tab. non-lock, auto-lock and different material and finish dependant on requirement.

Our zips are available in a wide range of lengths, colours and styles, making them ideal for a number of uses. Whether it’s textiles, garments, dressmaking, repairing or embellishing, you’re sure to find a high-quality, suitable zip with us.

Put the finishing touches to your sewing projects with our zip fasteners. We have regular, concealed zips which are ideal for dresses and skirts as well as stronger, heavy-duty metal zips, which are great for jackets, bags and industrial use.

View our full range of zip fasteners, zip sliders and other zips online today. If you have any questions about our zips or any other products, give us a call on 01823 431885.

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