Looped Banner Webbing

Looped Banner Webbing

At PT Winchester, we can supply a range of looped banner webbing, in a range of colours, Widths and lengths. Our webbing contains multipoint loops which allow you to fix banners without eyelets in order to provide a clean finish for all applications.

Secure banners

Not only does looped banner webbing provide a cleaner-looking appearance for banners, but it also gives maximum strength and durability.

Grommets used on banners can rip out and cause damage, which usually occurs in high winds. By adding polyester banner webbing to the rear hem of a banner the force is evenly distributed.

Range of Webbing

Take a look at our range of looped banner webbing below. You’re sure to find the correct webbing to secure your banner. If you have any questions about which looped banner webbing is best for your banner, then feel free to get in touch on 01823 431885 with any questions.

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